Financial Confessions

Millennials are often ridden with guilt over their spending and saving habits.

Wells Fargo will help millennials take their first step in the world of finance by setting up ‘Financial Confession booths’ across cities and social platforms

We’ve all bought brunch we probably can’t afford. And shoes and holiday tickets.
We say probably because you don’t really know how much you should spend or save and really don’t know how much or even how to invest. 

Wells Fargo introduces ‘Financial Confessions’ to help with this real struggle. Simply find a Financial Confession booth, confess your sins and find salvation with the help of our financial planners.

It’s time to confess/ Confess your Financial Sins/  

1) Confessional Booths
Wells Fargo set up physical confessional booths in public spaces across cities, each with a trained Financial Advisor to help save your finance’s soul. Every person who enters the booth is asked to confess their wayward financial ways and given a free custom consultation, to help put them back on track. Customers of the bank could even sign up for the services.

We then took the idea digital where users could confess on our website and get private, customized advice. 

2) Outdoor and Print Ads of confessions
- Financial Confession #351
'I brunch to forget the problems brunch put me in'

- Financial Confession #624
'My holiday fund exists since my retirement one doesn't'

4) Radio Ads