Heal The Heart

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1. Heal The Heart.   
2. Words For Wounds         
3. Words That Heal
4. Words Will Heal
5. Heal With Words

Many friendships and relationships have ended with emotional wounds that never fade

For the first time ever, Band Aid will now use its healing powers to help overcome emotional wounds

Hidden away in plain sight, we are all burdened with emotional wounds that weigh us down. 

Whether we have been hurt by a friend years ago or angered and ignored a sibling ourselves, it is difficult to address broken relationships. It seems easier to simply run away from the pain or even pretend it doesn’t exist.

Band-Aid has healed wounds for 57 years and now, wants to heal the open wounds on hearts, with Heal The Heart.

Heal Your Heart with your words.

Band Aid + Post it notes)

1. Heal The Heart
 / Words Will Heal
Is an app within Facebook that allows users to write a message on a digital Band Aid and send it as a Facebook Message. Users can request to even send a physical message and will receive a package at their home, which they can customize and send across.

2. Facebook stickers
We create Facebook Stickers that can be used in quick conversations, eg. ‘I’m Sorry’, ‘That was mean’

3. Schools
We bring a small change in the school's nurse's kit and include 'Heal with Words'  for scraped knees to also include emotional wounds.

Insight: Words are sometimes all we need to heal broken relationships and broken spirits.
Idea: Band Aid uses the power of words to heal.
i. Wall of Words
In the Tenderloin in San Francisco, Band-Aid takes over a wall with a series of messages to provide the much needed words of encouragement to a forgotten many.