About + Awards

I talk rather fast so please read this fast for a more authentic experience. 

I’m a perennial optimist, giving my friends an actual reason to roll their eyes. 

I love animals but it’s a cliche one-sided romance.
I’ve been bitten by a deer, clawed by a crow, choked by a monkey, squeezed by a lion. And a tiny rabbit took out a big chunk of my once purple hair.

I have failed enough times to find out what I actually love.
Failed Accountant who gets confused between 3 and 8.
Failed Guitarist who can’t get the F chord.
Failed Millennial who’s allergic to coffee. 

But after all that failing, I finally found my calling.
I am a copywriter.
Proficient in the use of all 26 letters of the alphabet. Even Z. 

(Currently exhausted in NYC)