The Dope Dictionary

The new words of the English language can make communication difficult for the older generation

Urban Dictionary partners with Old Age homes to introduce new words of the English language to an old audience

I like this one :S

Most people don’t say ‘it’s sure dandy’ anymore.

But thats okay.

Urban Dictionary understand the importance of an evolving language and even its unfortunate consequences for some.

With the goal of making the English language easy and accessible for all, they created The Dope Dictionary.   

A unique dictionary that explains the newer words of the language, in terms that the older generation would appreciate.

The dandiest read out there.

1) The Dictionary
We create a physical and digital dictionary and provide one for each old Age home. The dictionary explains new words in a simpler way, with easy relatable examples.

2) Greeting Cards for Grandparents
Grandparents still give us Birthday Cards with a $20 note in it.
It’s time we got them one, which represent the both of you.

3) Game Nights with new words (Pictionary, Spelling bee)
Game Nights will a small twist will encourage the residents to show off their new knowledge.